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Large crane mold laser welding machine

Large crane mold laser welding machine

300WLarge crane mold laser welding machine is a new way of welding, precision parts mainly for welding thin-walled materials, enabling butt welding, seal welding, spot welding, stitch welding, etc., small weld width, depth and width than the high heat-affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, weld smooth, beautiful, no treatment, or simply treated after welding, weld quality, no holes, can be precisely controlled positioning accuracy, focus points of light, easy to implement welding automation.

Model LD-DB-30OW
Observation Systems Stereoscopic microscope equipped with a cross cursor. Welding position 10 times magnification, (5 * 20 * Ho optional). Crosshairs center aligned with the center of the laser spot. High-speed liquid product with a light valve filter protection devices. Protection welder's eyes will not be G laser flashes and fatigue.
Control Systems Industrial controller real control. Qualitative high maintenance.
Gas protection system White moving with argon gas protection system further ensure welding parts is not oxidized color,
D perishable station  Stroke 130mmX253mmX250. You can move the workpiece precision, bearing up to two hundred kilograms. Z-axis manual lift
(Standard). Optional user more than 1 ton pick waving large mold system.


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