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Wenzhou lian di laser technology co., LTD. Is a production of laser equipment of high-tech enterprises. Company is mainly engaged in laser equipment design, production, sales and services in the field of industrial customers around the world to provide laser processing solutions.
Al di of the company's main products include: laser energy feedback laser welding machine, laser spot welding, laser mold welder burning, automatic laser welding machine, stainless steel laser welding machine, laser welding machine, metal frames for laser welding machine, the first act the role ofing is tasted laser spot welding machine, laser laser machine, semiconductor laser laser machine, fiber laser laser machine, laser engraving machine, semiconductor laser laser engraving machine, fiber laser laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor DP laser marking machine, semiconductor side EP end laser marking system, YAG laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, laser marking system for drug, a key special laser marking system, flight, YAG laser marking system, cutting machine, laser drilling machine, CO2 laser trimming resistor machine, laser scribing machine more than dozens of industrial laser equipment and provide customers with a variety of specifications of the flight of a complete set of equipment of laser application.
Company with European famous laser optical manufacturers maintained a long-term cooperation, and the application in the field of laser processing company also maintained good cooperation, so we share the latest and most advanced laser production, integration and application experience, so we can promptly improve and upgrade our laser equipment properties